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Alumni Association Expands Student Support

The UMass Boston Alumni Association expanded its support of students this year and awarded $30,000 for student scholarships. One hundred and forty students competed for this year’s awards.  

The Alumni Association Awarded Scholarships at its June 2013 meeting.

Selected Scholars, What They Like about UMass Boston,
and the Professors who Have Inspired Them

Elizabeth Amyouny '15
College of Science and Mathematics
UMass Boston’s has a solid academic reputation, dynamic faculty, and moderate class sizes, for this I knew studying under the engineering program’s distinguished faculty would provide a comprehensive understanding of the theories and principles of Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics. Equally as important, I felt the University’s close proximity to Boston’s cultural riches and urban sophistication would provide a highly diverse student body for me to learn new perspectives and enrich my educational experiences. I knew such diversity would encourage me to be more innovative and consider new approaches in response to my personal and academic growth.

Dr. Greg Sun, Engineering, and Dr. Justin Greenough, Mathematics, have been extremely influential professors. They have encouraged my perseverance, and drive by providing a challenging academic environment for me to grow and enrich my knowledge.

Solin Bedoyan ‘14
College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The endless opportunities that are offered. Such as writing labs, math help etc. Most of all as a nursing student I am very thankful of all the help CCER provides.

Professor Foust, 226 professor. The first fundamental nursing course I took she taught, her care to her students and her practice as a nurse had a big impact on me ensuring me the great deed and field I am in and how lucky I am, So I am very thankful of her.

Patricia Buzelli ‘13
College of Liberal Arts

The diversity, UMass Boston caters to a very diverse population not only in race and ethnicity but in age, professional desires and backgrounds.

I haven't really had one specific influential professor, I've had many that have all contributed to some aspect of my passion for learning. It's great to see someone's eyes light up when the talk about what they're passionate about and there have been a handful of professors that have shown me their passion and inspired me to be the same way.

Domenic Fichera '14
College of Liberal Arts

 I love that it is affordable and accessible for me as an in-state student and that studying here allows me to be on a closed campus with a tight-knit athletics department, while having easy access to the city and all that it offers.

Andrew Perumal was my Introduction to Microeconomics professor, a class I took during my first semester at UMass Boston, and he is a truly amazing academic. He got his masters at the University of Nebraska and taught economics there, and on our first day of class he informed us that he teaches at an absolute standard and will expect of us exactly what he expected of his students at Nebraska, and I worked harder in that class than I had in any prior and still managed to get an A. He simultaneously sparked my interest in economics and taught me how to be the student I am today and for that I am forever thankful.

Angie Ruth Garcia '15
College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The supportive environment. The students here work together to be each other's allies and push each other toward success. The faculty and staff both challenge students to achieve their goals, and also assist them in doing so. I feel well-supported in this environment, and as such, love to help my fellow classmates.

Professor Robert Guimond because of the caliber of work that he requires from his students. I knew going in that I would have to work hard for his class, and it has been the greatest experience. I love driving myself to meet someone's high standards and take a lot of pride in seeing my work pay off.

Alexandra LeBlanc '14
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
The diverse campus.

All of my professors have been wonderful.

Amber O'Brien '13
College of Liberal Arts

The location! I could never not live within walking distance of the ocean

Every professor I have had thus far at UMass Boston has influenced me in one way or another.

Stephany Peguero '15
College of Liberal Arts

What I love the most about UMass Boston is the sense of community within my major, Human Services. In each of my classes I am almost always with the same group of people, so we have been able to get to know one another on a personal level.

One of my favorite professors was Victoria Kingsley, my English 102 professors. Aside from helping me improve my writing and critical thinking skills, she was just a very amiable and compassionate person.

Herson Portillo '13
College of Nursing and Health Sciences

What I like the most about UMass Boston is its diversity.

Dr. Amy Rex smith  has particularly influence on me, she is a very welcome professor that allows students the opportunity to get know her more, and is always thee for her students when they have a question. All her achieving in the nursing field inspires me to continue my education beyond my bachelors once I receive it. She has been a role model for me, and a great example of what a truly dedicated nursing professor is.

Osher Rechester '13
College of Science and Mathematics

What I like most about UMass Boston is that it is such a diverse school. It was an eye-opening experience for me as someone who had always been only among people of my background.

One of my most influential professors was Professor Isaac Reif. I have learned from him the importance of making wise decisions in life so that we don't have to pay for our mistakes later in life. Also, Professor Reif has stressed to me the importance of entering life with an open mind so as to not limit oneself in any way.

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