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The Beacon Athletic Fund: Making a Difference

With two new academic buildings under  construction and extensive roadwork underway,  there’s change everywhere you look on the UMass Boston campus.

There’s also change in the air at the Division of Athletics  and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs.  Although the differences aren’t nearly as obvious, they are still critically important for the university’s future. 

The annual UMass Boston Athletics/Liberty Mutual Insurance Alumni Cup Golf Tournament has attracted new corporate sponsorships and participants.

The Athletics and Recreation division is changing the way it raises funds to support programs. Thanks to a new dedicated External Development Office and the creation of the Beacon Athletic Fund (BAF), the division is enhancing academic support programs, creating new athletic facilities and renovating others; purchasing equipment; and increasing travel, spring training, and recruiting budgets.

In his first year as the new director of external development, Garin Veris created the BAF.  “It is imperative we plan for the future as our campus continues to grow,” says Veris. “A  new focus on creating athletic endowments will lay the ground work for the future growth  of our athletic program," he says.

Veris explains that the BAF links generations of alumni and helps ensure stability and prosperity for the future of UMass Boston Athletics. He believes that alumni, former student athletes, businesses, and friends of UMass Boston are vital in growing and sustaining an athletic program that all can be proud of.” 

Augmenting past fundraising success by individual team coaches, the BAF provides annual financial 
support to all 18 men’s and women’s varsity sports and intramurals, enriches community outreach programs, and provides seed money and funding for special projects.

Alumni and others are invited to recognize the importance of unrestricted funding to solidifying the foundation of athletics programs, while also enabling staff to bring innovation and new initiatives.  

Boston Athletic Fund initiatives are coordinated with the efforts of coaches and University Advancement. Fundraising has increased by more than 15 percent in the past fiscal year. A weekly e-newsletter, keeps donors abreast of athletics activities, team results, and other programs made possible through the BAF.

Fundraising has also been enhanced through increased outreach to community-based businesses. The UMass Boston Athletics/Liberty Mutual Insurance Alumni Cup Golf Tournament, the division's largest fundraising event, has attracted new corporate sponsorships and more participants. This year's tournament saw an increase in sponsorships and in-kind donations, which insured the tournament's success. 

The UMass Boston Athletics Hall of Fame has benefited from increased contributions for local businesses and has a new look and format, evolving from a sit-down dinner to a more informal reception.

Vice Chancellor Charlie Titus believes growth in fundraising builds a solid  foundation for a bright future for UMass Boston athletics and recreation. “We are at a point in UMass Boston history where great things are happening on our campus,” he says.

“Increased fundraising activities are vital for the division in keeping up with the growing success of our student-athletes, coaches, and varsity sports teams, and for contributing to the spectacular expansion of the university.”
Garin Veris can be reached at or 617. 287.7861.

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