UMass Boston Fund Donor Since 1990
Associate Professor Duncan Nelson 

As UMass Boston’s Poet Laureate
I am delighted to be invited
To proudly and publicly glory at
 is school. And most of all I’m excited About the students that make it great — Global, inclusive, diversified!
And ask that you participate
In spreading what we do world-wide!
So as you see my face smiling —
 e campus behind me — and read my rhymes, I’m hoping you’ll  and it all so beguiling
You’ll send in boatloads of nickels and dimes!


Payroll Deduction:
An Easy Way to Make a Big Difference

Payroll deduction is an easy way to make a one-time or on-going gift.  Whether your gift is $5 per pay period or $40 per pay period (to reach Chancellor's Council membership), giving via payroll deduction is convenient and makes your contribution to the university go further.

A $5 bi-weekly gift could cover up to 5 hours of tutoring, and a $40 bi-weekly gift could support a mentor for one of our student success cohorts. The Payroll Deduction button below provides an easy tool to calculate your gift.



Duncan Nelson

Through the lenses of language and literature, Associate Professor of English Duncan Nelson has inspired generations of students to realize their potential.

This year, the professor is also sharing his passion for the university as the faculty and staff giving ambassador.

Making the case for supporting UMass Boston is easy for the legendary professor. Thanks, Duncan!